No Experience Necessary — You Can Count on Ours!

We have customer built this opportunity to minimse any barriers to entry.  We didnt want money, family commitments or experience to prohibit the chance to be successful.  The Pillow Partners Franchise allows anyone (with the right attitude) to build a successful Vacation Rental Management Business.  


Receive a range of additional information and join a live webinar with Emma, our Chief Operating Officer.

Partners - Not Employees

A smart mentor once told our founder and CEO that to have a successful business you need your team to act as if they owned the business, and were not just employees.  Based on that, the Pillow Partners Franchise concept was born. We help people start and build their own businesses, not just give people jobs

Everty Franchisee is a partner, not just with Pillow, but with our clients.  This unique approach means we can deliver a much better service to customers than any of our competitors.  It sets us apart as a management company and ensures we can offer one of the best franchise opportunities on the planet.  

Attributes of the ideal Franchisee with Pillow Partners

  • Great communicator (you will be dealing with guest from all over the world)
  • Motivated and ambitious
  • Positve and enthusiastic
  • Solid team player
  • Sales experience (you will need to grow your portfolio)

A Day in the Life of a Pillow Partner

Growing Your Business

At Pillow, we dedicate time daily to growing your region.  All the sales and marketing frameworks provide - you simply need to implement them! 

Pillow Team Interaction

Being a close family is a BIG part of what makes a Pillow franchise special.  We chat daily, attend regular training sessions and support each other when needed.

Guest Relations

Looking after your guests and ensuring they have fantastic experiences before, during, and after their stay.

Owner Relations

Working with your clients and ensuring they are happy - this tends to happen automatically!

Property Management

All admin tasks associated with running your portfolio and making your business a success.