Believe you have got more to give?

Feel you have a lot more to give than being a regional Franchisee? We have Master Franchise Opportunities in certain countries and US states for individuals with a higher level of experience, contacts, and skills.


Receive a range of additional information and join a live webinar with Emma, our Chief Operating Officer.

What is a master franchise?

When launching in a new country we value local knowledge and expertise. We aim to have a Regional Franchisee in each area to cover the full country.

If you feel you can help develop the Pillow network in your country on a larger scale, then the Master Franchise opportunity may be for you. You will be in charge of the whole country or state, and help Pillow Partners tailor our offering to your specific country.

For each country, we partner with one person who has an amazing network, has high-level business experience, and are passionate about building something amazing. They help build the Development Plan for the country and get a share of ALL the income that the country makes.

What is involved?

Master Franchisees help develop the Pillow brand and network within your Country or US State.  This includes activities and responsibilities such as:

  • Franchise Recrutment - Developing the franchisee network in your country
  • Brand Development - Raising awareness about Pillow country wide
  • Franchisee mentoring - Coaching, mentoring and supporting the franchisees
  • Operations - Adapting the Pillow model to the local culture, laws and business market

Master Franchise Benefits

As a Master Franchisor in your country, you earn a special place in the Pillow Team at a higher level.

  • Monthly Income Share from the Whole Country or State(s)
  • Franchise Sales Commissions
  • Oporationaly in charge of your Country
  • Be part of the Global Pillow Management Team
  • Build a much larger business than the Regional Franchisee model
  • Amazing bonuses for success

The Master Franchisor Opportunity is for those individuals with the experience, skills, and contacts to make an impact in your country.  It is a high-level position above the normal Franchise proposition this site focuses on.