Weekly Franchisee Clinics

At Pillow, we have a weekly online problem-solving clinic to help solve any of the tougher ongoing problems our franchisees have.  This is just one of the many support features we have in place. 
  1. Submit a question/problem/case study in advance
  2. The weekly Clinic will be facilitated by a Senior Manager
  3. We will work on the solution on a live call
This could be an issue with an owner, guest, neighbour, contractors, your own business - whatever you need help with! There will be a lead facilitator on each call but we can solve the problems as a team. 
Previous questions answered and problems solved:
  • Legislation clarification
  • Management agreement contract terms
  • Payment issues
  • Unhappy neighbours

As a Pillow Partner Franchisee get to submit questions in advance about your business as we will solve them for you!